Walkies in the wind

Slipped the girls into their piglet outfits and toques and then loaded them into the Mtn Buggy to go for a walk. I figured, they sleep once they are rolling, they need a nap, I need a Starbucks, so let’s roll.

Almost as soon as Annalie is buckled in place she goes to sleep. Blissed right out. Story? Cries the entire way to Starbucks, the entire time we were in the store, and then for about half the walk home.

So we get home, Annalie is awake now and Story is ready for a nap.

As an aside, I see that the Maclaren stroller recall has been expanded from the USA to include Canada. The importer of the Maclaren strollers made an interesting point, he asked why only Maclaren strollers are being recalled. All umbrella strollers have the same or a similar folding mechanism that can potentially cut a kid’s finger. Bed aware folks.

Here is a link to the CBC story on the recall: http://www.cbc.ca/consumer/story/2009/11/13/consumer-maclaren-strollers-recall.html?ref=rss