Want a best friend? Get a dog

Just a quick word of advise before the kids go to sleep; if you want a best friend, get a dog. I have had Jimmy the dog for nearly fourteen years and she is the best friend I have ever had. She has never been so busy that she couldn’t make time for me and she has always been happy to see me in spite of my faults and social blunders. Even when I have done things she probably didn’t approve of she didn’t question my judgement. One time I threw her favourite stick way the hell and gone down a steep bank. She looked at me with frustration but she went and picked it up.

Once when I was moving I loaded all my belongings into my truck and started driving from Prince George to Metro Vancouver. For one reason or another I took a few back roads and eneded up in Lillooet. A long, late dinner, and I was too tired to drive further. Jimmy slept in the truck, perched up on a box on top of the load. Never a whimper, or whine. In the morning as I was trying to work the cramps out of my back she clambered down, wagged her tail, had a pee and then jumped back in for another day of being on the road.

What other human would stand by your side through the years and trials and tribulations that is life? Even though I am consumed with taking care of the twins, Jimmy is always ready to go for a walk when I ask. A wag of the tail, and away we go. She doesn’t even mind if I bring a twin along with us on her walkies.

Jimmy is the only friend I have had, through thick and thin who has never judged or voiced displeasure at me. Jim Dog is simply put, the best friend I have ever had.

Jimmy greets me as I arrive home
Jimmy greets me as I arrive home

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  1. On a semi-related note, I walk my best friend Jimmy around our neighbourhood very religiously morning and night. On our walk we travel along the driveway of a church. A sign at the entrance says “No dogs allowed”. The first thing that comes to mind, with my slight dyslexic tendency is that the sign reads as “No god allowed.”

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