Water Bottle Bombs

So this morning I received an email describing how some freaky terrorist-like people are going around McGyvering together “water-bottle bombs.” The email says that under no circumstances should you pick up partially full water bottles that have mysteriously appeared in your frontyard overnight. Apparently these water-bottle bombs will explode once you touch them. And they make one helluva mess of you and your surrounding area when they do explode.

With this email in mind I headed out the front door to take Jimmy the Dog for her morning constitutional. As usual, I had my morning cuppa joe in my one hand and the dog leash in the other. As I got to the bottom of the stairs in the front of our house I looked down the driveway and what did I see, but a mess of water bottles strewn around my driveway. It was like the water-bottle bomber was out to get me, and me alone.

I raced back up the stairs, deserting poor blind Jim the dog in the front yard that was now more like a minefield than a lawn, and I began to yell out to my Sweetheart to call 911 and get the bomb squad out here as soon as possible because…

My Sweetie, clearly not understanding the seriousness of this water-bottle bomb issue, interrupts my “call the bomb squad” orders to tell me to get back outside and clean up the driveway because the raccoons have been in the recycle bin again.