Water Restrictions in Metro Vancouver

Due to the ongoing heatwave and lack of any meaningful precipitation, Metro Vancouver has put the region on Stage 2 water restrictions. 

This means that you can only water your lawn once a week. It also means you should NOT be washing your driveway with a hose. Any day of the week.  

On a related note, some people are calling attention to the fact that water usage in Metro Vancouver is at record high levels. 

However, there is no mention of the fact that the population of Metro Vancouver has increased over the last few years. This goes back to the quote about lies, damned lies and then there being statistics. 

And then on another note, people are posting their outrage to Facebook and Twitter about the fact that Nestle is still allowed to bottle and sell BC water even though we are headed for drought conditions. Leaving aside the mind-blowingly low rate that nestle pays for the water they sell ($2.25 for a million litres) Nestle is NOT selling water that comes from the reservoirs set aside for Metro Vancouver residents. Nestle have their own wells from which they draw the water they sell.

Bottom line, the fact that Nestle is being given water for $2.25 for a million litres needs to be addressed. However, part of the problem with our water system is that the water reservoir-supply system has not kept up with population growth. For now, do not water your lawn, wash your car or hose your driveway.