We Made Grilled Blooming Onions

The other day after cruising through Pinterest and seeing all the beautiful foods that people have made with the help of their kids, I decided to get my kids to help me with grilling a blooming onion.

We started out by mixing up a bowl of dry ingredients – breadcrumbs, a shake or three of Johnny’s seasoning, some salt, some pepper, and a teaspoon of smoked paprika.

In another bowl we whipped up to eggs.

Using our apple slicer/core remover we cut the onions into segments. The first onion we did I pushed the slicer too far through and the onion fell all apart.

The second onion worked better – we learned from the mistakes of the first one. Even though the first onion fell int segments, we still used all the pieces.

We first dipped the onion into the dry ingredients and tried to work the dry ingredients down inside the onion.

Then we dipped the crumb covered onion into the bowl with the egg wash and we did our best to work the egg down inside all the slices without pulling the onion apart.

Back into the crumb mix to get a good solid coating of crumbs on top of the egg on the onion.

And then the onions went on the pre-heated grill for about 25 minutes.

After 20 or 25 minutes (I forget how long it really it was) I put the grilling blooming onion into a small cast-iron pan and “tented” it with foil so that the interior of the onion would soften up and cook.

Grilled Blooming Onions


I removed the foil, put it on the table, and we ate it. It was quite spectacular looking even though it wasn’t as pretty as the grilled blooming onions we saw on Pinterest.

The kids were quite impressed with the way it turned out and we are eager to try doing this again.