Wendy's Baconator

Wendy’s Baconator; The New Breakfast Menu

Recently Wendy’s rolled out a new breakfast menu. So naturally, I had to try a couple of their items.

Wendy's Breakfast

Seeing as I am a big time fan of the Wendy’s Baconator burger, I decided to try the new Baconator Breakfast sandwich.

Wendy's Breakfast

The Breakfast Baconator is very heavy on the bacon. And unlike some other fast food breakfast sandwiches, Wendy’s Baconator uses REAL bacon that actually looks and tastes like bacon.

Wendy's Breakfast

On the bottom of the brioche bun is a smoky sausage patty and on top of that is another layer of bacon with a beautifully cooked egg.

Then a layer of “American cheese”. Be aware that American cheese is different than cheddar. It has an interesting flavour. I like it. Not everyone does.

On top of the cheese, is another layer of bacon. After all, this is the Baconator breakfast sandwich! More bacon!!

Wendy's Breakfast

I ordered the breakfast combo so it comes with a side – in my case seasoned potato wedges. Nice spicy flavour. Unfortunately I picked up my food order and drove to work so my wedges were cold before I ate them. I am going to assume they are much tastier when they are warm, or even hot.

Overall, I very much enjoyed the Wendy’s Baconator sandwich and potato wedges. I will be returning to Wendy’s to try more of their breakfast menu.

And about the pics, sorry – they are all pretty bleak looking – I will try to get better quality pics on my next visit!