Wendy's Chicken Sandwich

Wendy’s Chicken Sandwich

In my continuing research into chicken sandwiches, I decided to try out the Wendy’s chicken sandwich. It didn’t hurt that a page of coupons recently arrived at my house for Wendy’s burgers, wraps, salads, and sandwiches!

Wendy's Chicken Sandwich

The Wendy’s coupons have a “2-can-dine-for $13.99” deal for two spicy, grilled or homestyle chicken sandwich combos.

We oped for one combo with the spicy chicken sandwich combo (for me) and a homestyle chicken sandwich combo for my sidekick.

Wendy's Chicken Sandwich

The combo includes fries and a drink.

When you order they ask if you want the sides (fries and drink) as a small, medium or large. Typically I default to medium – that being the compromise, safe choice – but not here. Yikes. There was enough soda in the cup to drown a small child. I’ll choose small next time.

But the chicken sandwich – a very good sandwich. The chicken was nicely spiced with just enough kick to make me sit up and pay attention but not scorching to the tongue.

The chicken itself was also tender and easy to bite through. Actually, to be honest, the Wendy’s chicken had a nicer mouth feel than the chicken I had at Hi Five Chicken.

However, the Wendy’s chicken sandwich was a MUCH smaller sandwich than the one from Hi Five. Much less meat and other good stuff.

The Wendy’s chicken sandwich had one nice tender slab of crispy chicken that, like I said was very tasty, but the Hi-Five sandwich had two massive pieces of chicken.

The Wendy’s sandwich did not have bacon included. Also, my personal preference is shredded lettuce in a burger and the lettuce in the Wendy’s sandwich has large chunks. That’s just my personal preference.

Overall, the meat in the Wendy’s chicken sandwich tasted marginally better than the Hi-Five sandwich – and that is pretty important – but, that could have just been Hi-Five having a tough day in the kitchen.

A reality is that the size of the meat in the burger…well size does matter.

Bottom line? I will probably choose Hi-Five over Wendy’s if I have the choice. But if I am near a Wendy’s and I have my handy coupons, I will happily get the Wendy’s chicken sandwich.

Wendy’s are located in a variety of locations.