What Do You Do If Your Barber is Away?

Quick poll question aimed more at the male population in my readership than the females, however the female population is more than welcome to chime in; if you walk into the place where you get your hair cut and see you someone other than your usual barber or hair-cutter person standing there, do you put off your cut until your usual barber/hair cutter person is back or do you trust that new, temporary replacement person to cut your hair? 

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  1. I take a pass if my usual barber is away because I only trust a barber I know very well to cut what little hair I have left on my head.

  2. I always go to the same hairdresser shop which has a customer base of about 25% males.
    I accept the next available hairdresser/barber, because I have found them all of fairly equal competence, and know how I want my hair cut.

  3. I can’t exactly say I’m a person of many traditions, so I’d probably take the cut (considering I only spend $10-$15 average on a cut anyway), however, I will never switch businesses, I have ‘the one’ that I always go to, and have a fairly regualr relationship with a bunch of different barbers, rather than one.

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