“What is this all about” Page

I have updated my “About” page. What do you think? An improvement? My intention was to clarify what it is that I do here. Thoughts? Was I successful?

I will happily listen to any feedback, unlike a website that I recently visited. There was a prominent “sign” on the website I was visiting. The sign asked what users thought of the recently completed changes to their site.

I saw the website operator in person a few days later. Assuming that his request for feedback was sincere, I told him what I thought. My comments were largely positive but I did tell him about the one difficulty I had with searching and finding products on his site. His response? He told me I was using the site in a way that it was unintended. I quickly realized that he was not interested in my feedback and just replied, “Oh, now I understand what you mean.” Code for “You can just shut up now, I’m not listening anymore.”

But I will listen to your feedback!! Unless you are going to tell me my verb tenses shift around too much or that I play fast and loose with apostrophes. I know these things. I will continue to work on them.

Anyway, thoughts?


  1. Nice. And, I think, your apostrophes are/were all in the right places!

    My feedback? More. Sometimes I have to go days and days (seems like weeks and weeks) without a glimpse into the lives of Papa Stacey and his little angels. ;-D …. I guess there could be worse feedback, eh?

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