When the Universe Whispers, I Listen…now

As I mentioned earlier, I bought a motorcycle and I have loved riding my motorcycle since the day I bought it. Simply loved it. However, the other day the universe whispered in my, “Stop riding.” I ignored it.

My Sweet Ride
My Sweet Ride

Sometimes the universe whispers in subtle ways. Not this time. A semi-truck raced through a yellow-almost-red light at the same time that I did. It sounds scarier than it actually was. All that happened was that I swerved my bike to the side, dipsy-doodled around the truck and did not break my stride. I doubt that the truck driver even noticed me. I carried on riding and when I got home I put my kids to bed.

Monday, as usual I put on all my motorcycle gear. With my gear on I look like one of the guys from “All the Right Stuff.” I rode off to work. I parked my motorcycle in the usual spot and carried on with my day.

At the end of the day I put all my gear back on, staggered back out to my motorcycle in the parking lot. On my way I run into my friend, Paulie the Lawyer. In a ten minute conversation we discussed the possibility of a federal election and a snap provincial election. The potential leadership candidates for the BC Liberal party including Kevin Falcon, Rich Coleman and Diana Watts. We discussed the weaknesses and strengths they bring to the BC Liberal brand. We discussed the irrationality of law and we discussed BCeSIS and ICBC and Carole James’ future and life with teenagers and with twin baby girls. We discussed how the weather had suddenly turned cold. And then we both realized it was time to go home. We parted and we carried on our ways.

I walked over to my motorcycle, put my helmet on and put the key in the ignition. When I turned the key the lights came on. I pressed the starter and the engine roared to life. And then died. And then the lights went off. Dead. Just like that the battery on the bike was dead.

I called my buddy Terry, the Newfie-hero of the story. He answers the phone, says he will be over to get me and my bike in 20 minutes. Twenty minutes we have wheeled the motorcycle up onto his trailer, strapped it down and on our way to my home.

Later that night I went down to my local autoplan agent and put insurance on my car. The universe told me it was time to put my motorcycle away for the winter. This time I listened.

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