Where did Community go?

I want to throw these questions out to you as I am heading out the door this morning; first, why do we have so many more friends on Facebook than we do in real life?

Also, when did it become the norm to walk around with our ears plugged? Why do we prefer having little plastic earbuds stuffed in our ears so that we can listen to our iPods and block out real conversation?

And finally, when did we stop letting our kids walk to school? Why do we have to have a government ministry create legislation forcing our kids to exercise for thirty minutes a day when in the past that exercise could have been obtained on the walk to school, a walk taken with real life friends (rather than Facebook friends)?

I will add more thoughts to this post later in the day so stay tuned. Or even better, add your comments. Why do we have more Facebook friends than real life friends? Why do we prefer iPods over real conversation, and why can’t our kids walk to school? Thoughts? All appropriate comments welcome…just no spammers!!


  1. I like the idea of commenting on the FB question – although, y’all know I have opinions & ideas on all of them! The irony of my commenting is: I see Stacey most days. Frequently, I sit across a table from him for at least a half hour in a forum where we might reasonably interact in person.

    There are also “drive-by” moments in the hallway of our workplace where important facts are exchanged like, “Story is walking?!! Yeah!” But why did I ask that question, give those congratulations (and typical dire warnings)? Because I had read the news on FB.

    So, not only do I know Stacey as much (more?) from social media than from almost daily personal contact, some of that personal contact time is spent checking Tweetdeck!

    Social media versus old-fashioned conversations? Naw. Just some of my friends & I haven’t shared air, yet. Maybe we never will, but with a very few I am closer through the written word than I am to some of those with whom I connect through the spoken word.

  2. I wont comment on the FB question because its just too easy…literally FB is so much easier, takes less time, less prep, less thought than connecting in person.

    But the Q about walking to school resonates with me. I always walked to school. I’d beg my parents for a ride in rainy weather but always ended up on the corner to meet our walking train dressed in my finest rain coat toting my favourite umbrella as per usual. And we walked a distance too. It took 20-25 mins to walk to elementary school, and longer to get to highschool (up hill both ways… uhhhg). And now most of my students get a ride. “It’s not safe” gets thrown around as an excuse, as well as “I had hockey/soccer/tennis practice this morning first” and “I dunno… Im lazy?” I think a lot of it is parental fear and parental laziness. Its easier to drop your kid off than organize them to walk with other children. And I think parents are scared. Perhaps too cautious and scared? Makes me think of the book free range kids (http://www.amazon.com/dp/0470471948?tag=theanticsan-20&camp=213761&creative=393545&linkCode=bpl&creativeASIN=0470471948&adid=1JTJTX291S6BAZ54Z9QH&amp😉 which was written by a woman who let her 9 year old son travel on the New York transit system by himself. Its a good read, and takes a long hard look at why parents are so scared about letting their kids out of their sight. Personally I think its due to laziness more than fear… but who knows. Good Qs S!

  3. Facebook makes it easy to stay loosely connected with lots of people. It may seem shallow, and it may not require a lot of commitment, but it does present many opportunities to reconnect.

    It would be very hard to maintain 500 (or however many FB friends you have) really good friendships, especially when people live all over the world.. so what do you do? ONLY have your really good friends as FB friends?

    I vote for keeping your life open to acquaintances.. it wont hurt.

  4. Thanks for the write up as well as the comments Caitlyn, Kelsey & Laura.

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    Thanks again!

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