Why We Have Lost the War on Terrorism

Two things over the last six months or so have demonstrated to me that North America has well and truly lost the “war on terrorism”.

First thing, when travelling through airports in the USA I saw far too many 300 pound plus men and women doubled over, red-faced as they struggled to remove their velcro-fastened footwear in order to pass through security check points.

Often the men were sporting buzz-cuts indicative of military service, or at least former military service. And yet these men and women who have put their lives on the line for the security of their nation are now required to double over and remove their footwear in the name of security. Hunh.

The next thing that really brought my realization of our defeat to roost was when I posted a reply in a discussion forum about briefcases (how geeky can you get!) to the question “what do you carry in your briefcase.”

My smart-ass reply was, “I carry implements of math instruction because I am a member of a group who works to further the skills of Al-Gee-Bruh in our civilized world.”

Cheeky, smart-ass, clever, silly…whatever.

A follow-up comment, from a friend, suggested I take this comment down because some “simp-minded-hill-jack” may not understand the humour in the comment and may report it to some authority.

We are done. We have lost.




  1. Another example of how the terrorists have won are the security cameras everywhere watching your every move. Big Brother is watching everything you do. Does this make us safer or does it make it easier to catch the criminals later?

  2. I think that the crimes and unnecessary damage by all countries involved in the invasion of the Middle East counteracts any ‘good’ they were looking to do in the first place.

    Ask yourself this question, why is that when someone brings up the topic of 9/11, everyone gets all uptight, but when someone talks about the Hiroshima Bombings, it’s safe to laugh and joke, keeping in mind that the death ratio between to two is 500,000+ deaths in Hiroshima, to just under 3000 in the 9/11 attacks.

    Patriotism and heroism has died in most 1st world governments supporting an active military force, as the power struggle and amount of pointless action required to face up against WMD’s or ‘terrorism’ increases with pointless decision to support defeating something that’s none of our business.

    Either way, I personally believe we’ll see a 3rd World War, Europe’s economy is terrible all around and eventually they’ll turn against the immigrants, which are prominent in countries like France, Italy, and the UK.

    Consider it.

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