Wild Flour Pizza

Wild Flour Pizza – Welcome to the Neighbourhood

The food choices out here in the burbs are pretty solid and they satisfy nearly all of my foodie desires. And now, on the corner of Bainbridge and Lougheed is the Wild Flour Pizza Company – a top tier pizza joint serving unique pizzas on sourdough crusts.

Another place that fills my heart and my tummy with happiness.

At lunch time Wild Flour Pizza have “squares” of pizza ready to be warmed and taken away for $6 each. This is great when you have a picky eater (hello Picky Pants Daughter) along for lunch. The only pizza she would have was the Margherita – an excellent choice, but seriously, with some many cool options…

Wild Flour Pizza

The Margerhita at Wild Flour Pizza was tasty and all with red sauce, parmesan, fior di latte, parmesan oil, seal salt, and fresh basil, but you know, it is nice to try something else as well and I did not want to buy a second pizza so … hello “squares”.

Lucky for me, the Picky One did not question what “fior di latte” or parmesan oil was so we could just order this pizza without asking them to leave all the good stuff off it.

$18 for a 12 inch pie on a gorgeous sourdough crust. Gorgeous. Just the perfect chewiness to the Wild Flour Pizza sourdough it and yet thin enough. Loved it.

Wild Flour Pizza

And then the “squares”. Squares are the Wild Flour Pizza Co alternative to a “by the slice” option. Squares are available until 4pm or until they sell out of them.

They had a couple of the “Funghi” pizza slices ready to go so that is what we added to our lunch. The Funghi has a white sauce, mozzarella, caramelized onions, roasted mushrooms, rosemary and fresh thyme, lemon zest, and grated asiago. LOADS of rich and tasty roasted mushrooms.

When I go back, I will order an entire Funghi pizza. I love the deep and nutty flavour of the roasted mushrooms. Excellent. And the crust on the Funghi was a little thicker with more of that sourdough chewiness to it than the Margerhita pizza had. That made it even more yummy.

Wild Flour Pizza

I also had a side of the Hot Honey dipping sauce. Deep smoky flavour with more sweet honey than spiciness. Very much like a smoky honey dipping sauce with just a hint of heat. Loved it. My one complaint is that the dipping sauces are $2.50 each – totally worth it seeing as they make them all completely in house – they even make their own mayo in house.

In my humble opinion, they could cut the size of the dipping sauce container in half and charge less for it. I ate A LOT of the dipping sauce and yet when I was done there was still almost a quarter of the dipping sauce leftover and it just goes into the waste bin. Just my opinion.

Wild Flour Pizza

By the time we left they did have three more options on the slices table. As an aside, we ate inside Wild Flour Pizza at one end of their one big table. We ate in because I am still all about the no-eating-in-my new-car attitude.

The other by the slice options looked awesome. Stacks of chorizo and pickled pineapple!! on pizza.

I will definitely be returning.

Wild Flour Pizza is located at 2900 Bainbridge (corner of Lougheed and Bainbridge). If you want takeout from them, do yourself and them a favour and call them directly at 604-238-4346.