Winning the Lotto Max

Do you ever stop and wonder about winning the lottery? How much money would it take for you to leave your job and pack it all in? How much?

Say you won the Lotto Max and cashed a cheque for $50 million. Pretty obvious you would pack it in and move to a warmer clime. Well, I would anyway.

What about $10 million? Yes, I’m going to a warmer climate.

One million? What’s your plan? Pay off your mortgage and continue going to work? Take a long vacation…or what?

Half a million? What’s your plan?


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  1. Ya gotta do something with your time so I’m not sure there is any amount of money that has me changing my job in for a different thing to do with my time … but I sure would have a vacation home in the Okanagan. And, the hot lunch program at my school would have enough “fun”ding to keep it fun. In fact, bring on a new kitchen. In a new building. With apartments above. And a gym and a swimming pool and a doggie daycare. 🙂

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