winter travel

Winter Driving Prep

Now that winter driving conditions are here, it is important to be prepared before you head out on the highway.

On my Homestead on the Hill YouTube channel I discussed this topic. You can see the video – posted below.

There are a couple of things I forgot to mention in my winter driving prep video. First, it is often useful to carry a bag of cat litter with you when traveling by car or truck in the winter. The cat litter adds a little weight to the car, which can be useful, but more importantly, it makes great traction material to sprinkle on the road if you get onto a patch of ice. This can be useful for your car and also if you are trying to walk around the car.

Another thing I neglected to mention for winter driving prep, I ALWAYS have a sharp pocket knife or a small hatchet/axe in the car. Very helpful if you do get stranded and you want/need to light a small fire.

And, water. It is very important to have water in the car whenever you travel, some or winter travel. Of course if you have children you probably always have water in the car because nobody knows the importance of staying hydrated more than a child – especially a child who is long past bedtime.

Anyway, those three items, plus the ones I mention in the video are some of the items I am sure to carry when out for winter driving.