Writer’s Block and Five Finger Exercises

I have had a case of writer’s block for the last couple of days…actually since my last post. I have a couple of posts in the Draft stage but I cannot bring myself to do anymore on them. So for this evening, I felt some of Hemingway’s five finger exercises were long overdue.

First, The Amazing Race just finished and two guys won the race. Just two guys. I don’t care who they are because I was rooting for the cowboys. I liked to see the cowboys racing through so many cultures different than their home. And they were classy the entire time the race was being run. However, if the producers wanted to make The Race a real challenge, they should make it a family affair with the couples taking a toddler or two.

Second, I finally secured the wireless network here in our office. Surprising how much faster the ‘net is when the neighbour kid is not gaming on my wireless connection.

Finally, the iPad is available for pre-order starting tomorrow, Monday, May 10th. Should I, or shouldn’t I? I threw that question out to the Twitterverse and have received NOTHING in response. The “nothing” is actually the premise of another blog post sitting in my draft file. Maybe tomorrow I will be inspired to complete that draft?