Your Favourite Fast Food Burger Joint

Simple question for you, what is your favourite fast food burger joint?

Burger and Fries
Burger and Fries

Forget about those $100 burgers made with fois gras or beef raised in the wild by drunken monkeys and any of that fancy schmancy stuff, just a simple question, what is your fast food burger joint of choice?

To begin the discussion, I have been a fan of the A&W Teen Burger or their Mozza Burger for quite some time. I also very much like the Triple O’s (a branch of the White Spot empire) veggie burgers.

However, the arrival of Five Guys Burgers has changed my burger landscape. Their “little” bacon cheeseburger was a show changer for me. A single patty of beef (that is what makes it a “little” burger), thick, crunchy bacon with noticeable smokey flavour and the perfect amount of goopiness satisfied my hunger.

I particularly enjoy the way you tell the Five Guys crew exactly what you want on your burger. Mayo, tomatoes, fried onions, lettuce and an upgrade from ketchup to A1 sauce for a flavour sensation made my burger exceptional.

So, what is your fast food burger joint of choice? Remember, when you are commenting here, even though it asks for your name and email address, you do NOT have to provide either. Share your guilty pleasures!!

*As a side note, the (delicious) burger pictured here is from Wally’s Burgers in the New Westminster Rivermarket.






11 responses to “Your Favourite Fast Food Burger Joint”

  1. Anth Avatar

    I love Five Guys, they haven’t disappointed yet but I do find the peak time to go to that establishment is around lunch time because the grill is close to being clean.

    There’s another burger place here in Surrey in the Guildford area that I do like going to. It’s called Texx Big Burger. It’s sort of the same idea as Five Guys. But how do the two compare? I’ve never actually eaten one beside the other… hmm…

  2. Allan Schroeder Avatar

    I really like Vera’s with the Canuck Burger (Bacon Cheesburger) being my favorite. The burgers are excellent, juicy, but not so runny that they go everywhere.

    The generous sized basket fries is excellent. I’ve been to 5 Guys a couple of times, and it’s pretty good, but as far as Burger Chains go, seems I prefer Vera’s b

  3. Patrick Jakubowski Avatar
    Patrick Jakubowski

    #1 – Five Guys all the way…big eats, free peanuts…only problem is that it is partially owned by Phil Mickelson

    #2 – Splitz Burgers – even my wife, who will not eat burgers 364 days out of the year, will eat here. Being able to customize you burger is big bonus.

    #3 – Veras – a lot like Splitz but not as good.

    Me now hungry

  4. Peter Avatar

    Try the burgers at Centennial Beach Cafe in Tsawwassen (turn left at Tim Horton’s) and head to beach on east side of town. They got a really good one with blue cheese. Yum.

    Last summer after Paul opened the cafe they had a record of 1200kg of fish’n’chips over one weekend!!!

    All the view and beach of white rock without the parking hassles.

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  6. Andrei Avatar

    In&out 🙂

  7. Greg Avatar

    White Spot. Nice and easy to visit with kids. I get the double double burger with fries and their coleslaw is da bomb.

  8. Michael Kwan Avatar

    As much as I like Splitz and Vera’s, Five Guys is still my current favourite burger joint. I’m not as much of a fan of Fatburger, especially with the pricing.

    For a good value, the $4.95 cheeseburger lunch special at X-Site is pretty great. That’s cheaper than the golden arches!

    And while it’s anything but fancy, Park Crest Diner on Broadway near Holdom in Burnaby has a retro diner vibe to it and very affordable prices. The food isn’t stellar, but there’s an authentic greasy spoon feel to it that reminds me of the restaurant(s) my parents used to run.

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