Eating in the Fraser Valley

My blog has been giving me a headache lately – I cannot properly access with my iPhone or iPad so it has definitely slowed down my ability to write posts. However, here I am today writing about my recent eating in the Fraser Valley adventure.

Meatloaf Dinner at Rocko's Diner
Meatloaf Dinner at Rocko’s Diner

On my recent trip up the Fraser Canyon I visited a new eatery – new to me anyway. Rocko’s Diner has been a fixture in Mission since the 1940s and is still going strong.

I had the meatloaf dinner and was impressed with the quality of the meal; the meatloaf had a nice texture, the potatoes were whipped to a creamy consistency, and the corn was perfectly sweet.

I will be returning to Rocko’s Diner even if it is only to try their dessert – deep fried cheesecake. I was told that it is incredible. Same with their deep fried waffles.

Pan Roasted Pork Loin
Pan Roasted Pork Loin

Of course no trip up the Fraser Canyon is complete without a stop at the 293 Wallace Restaurant in Hope.

As usual, I order from their fresh sheet and this time was no different. Pan roasted pork loin on a bed of smashed potatoes with a pool of apple sauce. The pork was a little more lean than I like but it was still very enjoyable.

I also enjoyed the strong pickle flavour of the side of the pickled kohlrabi. The pickle flavour was a nice balance to the sweetness of the apple sauce.

Billy Barker Pub
Billy Miner Pub

Another foodie place I stopped at recently was the Billy Miner Pub on the outskirts of Maple Ridge. A spectacular burger! Big thick slices of bacon and fresh tomato really worked well with the very thick beef patty in the burger. The fries were just okay.

Overall, the food options in the Fraser Valley are great and so much fun to explore. Until next time!!