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Smoking a Brisket on the Traeger

As I may have mentioned, earlier this summer I bought a Traeger pellet grill. I did this to benefit my family. Yeah, that’s my story! The reality is, the Traeger is a great addition to our home because while most people think of it as a smoker, it is actually really useful as a convection […]

Life Musings

The Climate Emergency and Our Response

As I have previously mentioned, my hometown of Lytton burned down. Does that not sound weird to say my hometown burn down? Well the truth is that’s what happened. Essentially all of the village including the police station, the ambulance station, the medical clinic, the hospital, the seniors care centre, the two grocery stores, the […]

Black Tusk Knife
Getting Outside

House of Knives to the Rescue

Kids and I are home from a wild weekend at the cabin. Lots of time outdoors. Sunday morning we went for a walk to have a quick visit with our neighbours. On the walk back we encountered a mother bear and two cubs. We yelled and waved our arms in the air, we stood close […]

The Town Square
Getting Outside

Follow up on the Lytton Creek Wildfire

This is the tale of two distinctly different motorcycle rides. Both a lot of fun, both uniquely different! As you probably know, my hometown of Lytton burned. Yeah, the entire community burned in about 20 minutes. They say 90% of it burned but, the reality is, the village is decimated. That has really bothered me. […]

Fraser and Thompson Rivers
Getting Outside

Lytton Creek Wildfire

As some of you know, I grew up near Lytton BC. And as you probably also know, last week the village of Lytton burned to the ground. You may or may not know that in 2014 the house I grew up in near Lytton, along with all the outbuildings – like the workshop, chicken coops, […]

Beautiful Colours

Tuesday – the Loneliest Day of the Week

I was thinking about Tuesday yesterday morning and I realized that Tuesday is the loneliest day of the week. Tuesday is the beige of the week – if the week was a colour wheel. Tuesday has got NOTHING going for it. Think about it. Monday is Monday. The first day of the work week. Just […]

Ford Maverick
Durable Goods

The All New Ford Maverick Pick-up Truck

Today Ford released details and images, including videos, of their brand new truck – the Ford Maverick. Full disclosure – I have NOT been paid for, nor compensated in anyway for writing this blog post. These are strictly the musings of a guy interested in this Maverick. This new Ford Maverick truck is a return […]

Doughnut Love

Doughnut Love – Welcome to the Neighborhood

Last Friday I had a sneak peek inside Doughnut Love – a new doughnut/coffee shop and the interior of the shop is as beautiful looking as their doughnuts are beautiful tasting. Clint, the doughnut chef (is that actually a baker?) told me that the plan is to have, along with the regular doughnuts they make, […]


Trimming the Brisket

A couple weekends ago I smoked a beauty of a brisket in my ugly drum smoker. Well the truth is before you can smoke a brisket, there’s a lot of prep to do with the brisket. I had my camera crew (that’s my kids) film me trimming the brisket. It’s basically just me cutting off […]

Ugly Drum Smoker

Victoria Day Weekend; Smoking a Brisket

As my Facebook memories have been reminding me, in a typical year I would have spent the May long weekend at the cabin. With the current travel restrictions in place, I chose not to travel. Instead, I stayed home and cleaned up my Ugly Drum Smoker and smoked a beauty of a brisket. However, as […]