I Love Sushi – Restaurant

Yesterday we tried out a new sushi joint called I Love Sushi.

Sushi Plate
Sushi Plate

As you can probably see in the photo above, the tuna and salmon maki sushi are not the prettiest rolls ever done. In fact, they are very loosely and sloppily rolled. However, inside the rolls were generous pieces of salmon or tuna and they were quite tasty. I suppose it is the visual appeal that is not there.

The long curved roll is the Spicy Mom’s Roll. Two golden fried prawns and yam inside with spicy salmon and tuna on top of the roll. It was visually appealing, nicely rolled and super tasty with a pleasantly firm resistance as I bit into it. This roll cost $8.28.

The California Roll ($3.70) was the standard issue roll. The only reason I order this kind of roll is because I am guaranteed my kids will eat it. A positive sign yesterday though, both kids expressed interest in tasting the Spicy Mom’s Roll.  Perhaps their tastes are growing beyond the boring California Roll level!

As for the service, it was friendly. My only complaint was that even though there were four of us in the group we were only brought four of those very small napkins. When I asked for more napkins the server brought two more. Seriously, the napkins are barely larger than postage stamps (remember using postage stamps when you were a kid?).

Bottom line – I will go back and try the sushi at I Love Sushi again to get a second opinion. Until then I will not add to my trusted sushi joint list.
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