Smoked Bread

Smoked Bread on the Grill

I put a ball of bread dough on the grill and “smoked” it!

Smoked Bread

I put the dough on the one side of the grill with no direct heat and the foil packages of applewood chips on the other side with heat under them.

The heat under the foil packets got them smoking hot – and created a nice sweet smoke aroma that filled the grill – and gave the dough a smoky odour.

Smoked Bread

Unfortunately I kind of screwed up the process. I had not let the bread dough rise enough. I was thinking that I would let the dough develop a smoky flavour and then let it rise for a couple more hours.

Nope. Duh. Being on the grill made the dough bake – who woulda thought?! Grill – heat – cooking. So my ball of dough that had not yet had time to rise enough got baked.

Even so, the end result was actually pretty good. Yes, next time I will let the dough rise more before “smoking” it but, live and learn.

I’ll try again