Sushi Garden Coquitlam Disappoints

Usually I will only write a blog post about a restaurant or eatery if the experience is a positive one. Usually. However, when I recently visited the Coquitlam location of the Sushi Garden, I was deeply disappointed with the service and the condition of the restaurant.

Yes, the food was good. The salmon and tuna sashimi combo was just good. The tuna was cold but not frozen and the salmon was the right temperature.

Sushi Garden
Sushi Garden

But the food was not the problem.

As soon as I walked into the Sushi Garden there was an awful smell to greet me. But no actual person to greet me. The smell was almost enough to make me walk back out. Being very hungry though, I stayed.

Soon another customer approached the door where the cashier is located. After accepting their payment the Sushi Garden person greeted me and then took me to a table.

As I sat down I noticed that there were at least four or five dirty tables nearby. Dirty tables are not usually a problem. More often they are a sign that the restaurant has been so busy that the staff have not had a chance to clean the tables off. Fact of the matter, there were three staff not bothering to clean the tables.

I have eaten at Sushi Garden before and I will eat there again…as long as there isn’t an awful smell to greet me when I walk in. I just hope that my most recent visit was the exception and not the usual way they do business now.