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New Year’s Eve 2010/2011

Here we are on the eve of 2011. My goodness, it seems like just yesterday that so many people (not me of course, I never would have bought into that foolishness) were bunkering down for the coming disaster of Y2K. The sales of candles and canned beans must have been extraordinary in the months leading up […]


Christmas Dinner 2010 in the Robinsmith House

Somehow I became in charge of organizing, planning, preparing and cooking the Christmas feast for our household this year. Knowing that I was going to be feeding carnivores as well as vegetarians, my first stop was the Queens Park Meat Market. Without letting on that I am usually a vegetarian (these are people who have […]


Celebrating Sunday Night Dinner

One of my favourite memories from my childhood (other than the fact that our entire family moved, to live for a number of years, to our summer cabin…how cool is that!) was our weekly Sunday night dinners. Our family always feasted so well. Perhaps that was where and when I developed my appreciation for food…food […]