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Life Musings

The Stirling Soap Company Giveaway

Today’s giveaway is aimed at the old school wet shavers in the audience! We have partnered with the good people at Stirling Soap Company for this giveaway. Now, to be honest, I have not yet used any of the soaps from Stirling Soap Company. This is only because I picked the soaps up at the […]

Life Musings

Pedicure Giveaway Ends Today

Our contest to see who wins the April Nail Spa pedicure closes today at 4pm! Find the post on here about my pedicure and tell us why you deserve to win the free pedicure and you may be our winner. (I’m posting this from my iPad while in transit so excuse the brevity of the […]

Life Musings

Goddess Blends Soap; Another Giveaway!!

After our twins were born and we finally had them at home we started to become much more aware of the cleaning products that we were using around our house. One of the products that we became acutely aware of was the soap that we use when bathing ourselves and our baby girls. So instead […]