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My Mini Rant on the Evils of Reply All

I recorded this little video in which I explain a little technology stuff, primarily around the evils of the reply all. Although I didn’t mention this in my video, just like if you subscribe to my blog, it also helps if you subscribe to my YouTube channel. It is free and it is easy to […]

Life Musings

Why I Don’t Use Tech In the Classroom

I often hear my teaching colleagues say things like, “I don’t use technology in the classroom because there was that time I did try it and it didn’t work.” Or, “I pressed a button and ALL my work disappeared and even my neighbour’s really tech-savvy son couldn’t get my work back!” Wow. Imagine if we took […]

Life Musings

Google Introduces the Tap Keyboard

Google is known for their “forward-thinking” approach to technology. I particularly like this new phone keyboard concept they introduced on April 1st. Here is a little more about the benefits of new keyboard system. You really have to admire the work that Google puts into their approach to technology.