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Life Musings

Ashcroft to Coquitlam BC

We live in such an amazing province. One day I am walking through the desert-like countryside of Ashcroft while breathing in the ultra-dry air.   And the next day I am walking through the urban rain forest of Mundy Park in Coquitlam. I love British Columbia!!

Life Musings

Day Two aboard the Celebrity Century

Day Two aboard the Celebrity Century started for me at 4:16am when the ship gave out a mighty groan and moan while violently listing to the port side and then back to starboard. It settled down basically immediately so I went back to sleep until my internal alarm clock awoke me at 10:30am. I’m not […]

Life Musings

Day One Celebrity Century to Alaska

Day One on the Celebrity Century cruise to Alaska, and back. As we boarded the ship a very lovely young lady handed us a glass of Champagne. I now realize this is likely the last free alcoholic drink I will find aboard this ship, although I will not stop searching. Once aboard the ship we […]