The A&W Beyond Meat Burger

A&W has recently introduced a new burger they are calling the “Beyond Meat Burger”. It is a burger made entirely of plant-based protein. So obviously, I had to try it.

Beyond Meat Burger

What would I find? The commercials I’ve seen suggested they are pretty good – scenes of people biting into the burgers and being surprised to learn that they are eating a veggie burger.

Beyond Meat Burger

First impression – it looks attractive. The patty in the Beyond Meat Burger looks like a meat patty. Good optics are a good starting point – even if your camera doesn’t eat first (like mine does!) your eyes certainly do eat first.

Add in the lettuce, tomatoes, and optional slice of cheese I requested, and this “looks” like a Teen Burger.

Beyond Meat Burger

The first bite – and the second bite – good. The texture is very much meat-like. A little bit more mushy than a meat patty but still, quite a meat-like texture. Which, ironically, can be off-putting for people who are avoiding meat and want a veggie burger experience.

The list of ingredients is quite interesting: rice, beets, coconut oil, pomegranates, mung beans, yellow beans, potatoes, and apples.

And the bottom line? I’ll admit that the A&W product development team have done a good job on the Beyond Meat Burger. I very much enjoyed it.

And seeing as it is basically the same price ($6.00) as the Teen Burger ($5.75) I’ll be choosing the Beyond Meat Burger more often than not!

Beyond Meat Burger