Langley’s Hilltop Diner

This summer I am making a point of exploring some of the classic eateries in Metro Vancouver. First was the Ovaltine Cafe, and now I can say that I have also visited another classic, the Hilltop Diner in Langley.

Hilltop Diner Hilltop Diner

I can also say that although it felt like I was on a very long day trip to get out to the Hilltop Diner, the drive out to the far reaches of Langley, almost into Aldergrove, was definitely worth the drive.

Seeing as I made it out to the diner after breakfast hours were over, my brekkie choices were limited, so I went for the lunch menu. I asked the server what their most popular burger is and she pointed me to the Hilltop Burger.

Hilltop Burger and FriesHilltop Burger

The Hilltop Signature Burger has a 5 oz, hand formed beef pattie with crumbled double smoked bacon, fried mushrooms, fried onions and a thick layer of melted cheese. It is served on a bun with mayo and their Signature Hilltop sauce and topped with crisp lettuce, and a thick slice of tomato.

Hilltop BurgerHilltop Burger and Fries

I have to admit that when the burger was brought to my table I thought it looked small. And then I started eating. My goodness, it is a very filling meal! I was barely able to finish eating the burger and the fries (the fries were phenomenal – crisp on the outside and potato-like inside without any mushy mouth feeling. Really nice.)

One thing that surprised me was that the cheese on the burger was a slice of processed cheese and not cheddar.

Flapper Pie Flapper Pie

Seeing as I had driven to the eastern edge of my world to eat at the Hilltop Diner I felt it was imperative that I at least try one of their desserts. So I asked which one of the MANY pies that they have was the “lightest” and least filling.

The server told me that the Flapper Pie was probably my best choice because it is the lightest pie they serve.

Their Flapper Pie has a graham cracker crumb crust with a very thick layer of vanilla custard and a meringue cover. Honestly, it was an amazing experience. And be aware, they do not serve small slices of pie – they are very large. However, I would drive back to the eastern edge of my world for a slice of that pie.

I told the server, after I had eaten a little of the Flapper Pie, that it is “light” like a 5 ton truck is “light” when compared to an 18 wheeler. Oh my. I didn’t even come close to finishing the pie.

I will definitely be returning to the Hilltop Diner – when I can. If you want to make the drive out to the diner, it is located at 23904 Fraser Hwy in Langley. It is worth the drive.