The Trading Post Eatery Abbotsford

On Saturday night my buddy and I were headed out to Abbotsford to see the Doobie Brothers in concert and we needed a pre-concert meal. We hit up the Trading Post Eatery in Abbotsford for some dinner.

I have to admit that the Trading Post Eatery was not our first choice for our eats. However, after our experience at the Trading Post on Saturday night, it will now always be my first choice if I’m back in Abbotsford. The food was awesome.

I couldn’t decide between the fried chicken sandwich or the spicy fried chicken sandwich so the server told me there’s a little secret hack the kitchen can do.

She said her favourite is the fried chicken sandwich, and then she gets the kitchen to toss the chicken in the Nashville hot sauce to add that extra special kick to it. And dang it if that didn’t make for an amazing sandwich.

The chicken was crunchy on the outside with a spicy flavour kick to it. Inside that crispy, crunchy coating was an ultra juicy massive piece of chicken that drove my taste buds into overdrive. Delicious.

Whenever I am back in Abbotsford, I’ll definitely be stopping at the Trading Post Eatery to taste more of their menu. If I can get my attention off that amazing chicken sandwich!

Oh and the Doobie Brothers concert? They were just as good as our pre-concert meal.