A new stroller for the twins

Today we went out and bought a stroller for our twin girls. We already have a McLaren umbrella-style stroller that we have been using on and off during the summer months. However, that stroller is really only useful in a mall or on a smooth sidewalk. The small plastic wheels dig into the trail and make going for a walk a very frustrating exercise, similar in effect to plowing your way through your driveway.

So today we went out and splurged on a Mountain Buggy double stroller with the two front wheels. This is a stroller we can take up the Grouse Grind, but as my dear friend Patrick says, are you ever going to do that? Probably not, but it is nice to have that option! It is a perfect stroller for walking around trails and bombing along the city streets as I try to lose the weight that accumulated around my waist during our pregnancy.

Unfortunately it did not come with the storm cover so we will be making another trip to a baby store in an effort to source one out.

Even though we now have this fancy new stroller we will continue with our preferred practice of using the uber-convenient baby carriers that attach the baby directly to one’s chest or back. When travelling to places like Granville Island, the carriers are the only way to travel. We have to cringe when we see other parents trying to push their Buick-sized strollers through the mob of Granville Island shoppers.

More information on the new Mountain Buggy once we get outside with it, probably this weekend.