The Accidental Chromebook Onscreen Keyboard

If you, like many other Chromebook users have been experiencing the joy of having an onscreen keyboard open when you do NOT want it to, there are a couple of options to change it.

One method; sign out of the Chromebook (bottom right of the screen) and then click shut down on the bottom left of the screen.

Then close the Chromebook, wait 30 seconds (approximately) and then open it again – thus restarting the device.

This has been working for many people who complain about the onscreen keyboard popping open at the wrong time.

Another solution that works:

  • Open your Settings – click anywehere in the bottom right corner where your profile pic is.
  • Scroll down and click “Show advanced settings”
  • Click “Accessibility”
  • and uncheck the box: — 

This can be more effective than my method of sign-out and shutdown technique.