Adopt An Orca – the Vancouver Aquarium

Tis the season for…gift guides and they are popping up everywhere as shoppers look to get started on their shopping lists for the 2015 holidays.

Elfin the Otter
Elfin the Otter

If you are looking for a unique gift giving opportunity the Vancouver Aquarium offers a number of options for those looking to take a green approach – whether it’s a symbolic animal adoption or an eco-friendly gift from a local artisan.

Be assured that unlike the classroom hamster or guinea pig, if you do adopt a shark, a beluga or even an otter, there is absolutely no requirement that you take your adopted animal (are orcas, belugas and sharks actually animals?) home over the Christmas or summer break.

If you want to go all-in and actually adopt a killer whale, same thing applies – there is no requirement that you take the killer whale home at any point in the process.

So while you are doing up your Christmas wish list or thinking about what you can give your loved ones this Christmas, remember, nothing says I love you quite like adopting a killer whale or an otter.