Anarchy in Action – The Elementary School Parking Lot

If a political science professor or teacher wanted to describe what anarchy in real life looks like, rather than looking at movies such as the Mad Max series, Sons of Anarchy, or even the Walking Dead, what they should do is go to an elementary school and watch the parents as they drop their children off for school.

The chaos of the elementary school parking lot-drop off zone is the best example of what our society would look like if we descended into anarchy.

There really are no rules. People race into the parking lot-drop off zone at outrageous speeds with tires squealing. Once they are out of their monster truck-like SUV they feel compelled to scream obscenities at the other people arriving in the same fashion that they just arrived in.

If there is a half of a parking spot anywhere you will see someone cramming a mommy-van into the spot.

Wheelchair spot? That is where the frazzled late arriving mother and child sees opportunity as the family with the kid actually in the wheelchair waits to the side.

Half a spot where the kids are supposed to find their way along a path and through a gate? Yep, just the right size for another monster-truck sized SUV.

The elementary school parking lot-drop off zone. Anarchy.