Blonde Bear moves into her own room

In a big move for Blonde Bear, and perhaps bigger for her mother, Blonde Bear has moved from our bedroom into her own bedroom. She has been sleeping in her own room since about 7pm (it is now 10:15pm). She has woken a couple of times and I have raced up the stairs with a bottle of milk to soothe her. Once she has had a drink of the formula I then gently placed her back in her own crib.

Neither Wifey nor I believe that it is healthy to “let them soothe themselves.” Leaving a baby there to cry until she goes back to sleep is not our way. Also, it would almost certainly wake Story if Blonde Bear were lying in her own room screaming, because Blonde Bear does not cry for long, it escalates to screaming within seconds. Then Blonde Bear is crying, Brown Bear is crying, Wifey is upset and well, I’m definitely not getting any…rest.

My prediction? Not a lot of sleep coming my way tonight. We’ll see.