Batteries Not Included

Not much of a blog post today, more of a little rant. So here it is – at what point did some marketing asshat decide that the simple toothbrush needs to have batteries?

Electric Toothbrush
Electric Toothbrush

The simple and straight forward act of brushing your teeth now requires a device that requires batteries? What a stupid idea.

What is wrong with the tooth brush that you waggle around in your mouth with your hand?

Thinking about the battery powered toothbrush, what happens when the batteries inevitably die in the toothbrush? Do people realize that they can take a tiny little screwdriver and open up the bottom of the toothbrush to replace the batteries?

And further, if they do know that they can change out the batteries, where do the dead batteries go? What about the people who do not know you can change the batteries?

You can bet they just throw the entire piece of plastic, batteries still inside, all in the garbage.

What a ridiculous idea. I’m always reminded of the age old advice – KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid.