Burnaby Art Gallery; Art in the Community

The Burnaby Art Gallery is continuing their tradition of taking art out of the gallery and into the community with two new exhibitions opening next week at local libraries.

Set to coincide with the start of the school year, Ben Duncan’s Ever Onward will explore the long history of the art of the doodle at the Bob Prittie Library (near Metrotown) from September 19th to November 15th 2016.

Catherine M. Stewart is an artist featured in the City of Burnaby’s Malaspina Printshop Archive. She also has a background in physics and mathematics, which have influenced her artistic practice. Her exhibition, Distillations: Lithographs and Etchings will run at Burnaby’s McGill Library.

Ever Onward is a presentation of new work by Ben Duncan in the longstanding tradition of the doodle. Whether in the ancient papyrus loose leaf notes of the Babylonian magi, or the hastily jotted, nearly illegible plans of the great scholar Dapti, crudely scrawled drawings and scribbles abound.

This showcase honours those whose artwork earned them the “easily distracted” distinction in their report cards and presents a loosely tied narrative of pilgrims, denizens and otherworldly entities who dare to venture ever onward.

With a humorous bent, Vancouver-based artist Ben Duncan focuses on a variety of themes, including but not limited to cartoonish displays of explosive violence, surreal gang culture and an insectoid value system applied to traditional human societies.

The Catherine M. Stewart exhibition titled Distillations: Lithographs and Etchings continues the BAG’s exploration of the Malaspina Printshop Archive. The exhibition runs from September 20th to November 16th, 2016 at  the McGill Library, 4595 Albert Street, Burnaby

Catherine M. Stewart’s Distillations differs from the other Malaspina Printshop Archive exhibitions in that the artist herself has chosen the works to be displayed from both the Malaspina Archive and her own collection.

Stewart earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia. Her early exposure to science and mathematics continues to be an influence that resurfaces in her artistic practice. Her work has won awards and been shown locally, nationally and internationally in group and solo exhibitions.





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