Getting Outside

All the gear we use and the places we go to get outside.

Getting Outside

Winter Wear for Outdoor Comfort

Choosing the right winter wear for playing or working outside in the winter makes all the difference in how comfortable you will be. I choose to wear wool when I’m working outdoors. In a previous blog post I discussed some of the essentials to pack in the car or truck before you head out on […]

winter travel
Getting Outside

Winter Driving Prep

Now that winter driving conditions are here, it is important to be prepared before you head out on the highway. On my Homestead on the Hill YouTube channel I discussed this topic. You can see the video – posted below. There are a couple of things I forgot to mention in my winter driving prep […]

Chevy Bolt
Durable Goods

I Bought a Chevy Bolt

In May of this year I decided to buy a Chevy Bolt. So I went to Carter GM in Burnaby and met with Howard the car sales guy and without ever driving a Bolt – I put a fully refundable deposit on a Metallic Ghost Grey Chevy Bolt. And then last Friday, Howard called to […]

Kumsheen Rafting
Getting Outside

Kumsheen Rafting on the Thompson River

In mid-July one of my kids and I went to Lytton and spent a half day on the Thompson River with the good folks from Kumsheen Rafting. And we we had an absolute blast. It is incredible seeing the river landscape from on the river rather than looking at it from the highway. And it […]

Durable Goods

Buying a Replacement Vehicle for my Toyota Echo

Well, seeing as my Toyota Echo now has more than 300,000 kilometers on it, I have decided it is time to start looking for a new replacement vehicle. With the price of gas going through the roof, I thought the logical thong to do is to buy an electric car. But then I did some […]

Tesla Model S
Durable Goods

Tesla Model S Test Drive

I recently had the opportunity to go for an extended test drive in a Tesla Model S. In case you don’t know, the Model S is the Tesla sedan. It is a four door car that reminded me of an old school Crown Victoria. It felt big, heavy, and secure on the road. The Model […]

Getting Outside

Lytton Strong

Well, once again the tiny community of Lytton is taking a full frontal assault from nature. Remember in the summer when the Lytton Creek Wildfire destroyed virtually all of the Village of Lytton? And then continued to burn thousands of acres of land around the village? Now it is the opposite of the Heat Dome […]