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  • Brave Star Selvage Denim

    Brave Star Selvage Denim

    Just as the antithesis of fast food is slow food, the denim gear from Brave Star Selvage is the opposite of fast fashion. Slow fashion, like Brave Star Selvage, approaches the production process from a more mindful perspective, considering the ethics and sustainability of every step of the supply chain. This also means that slow…

  • Building a Better MouseTrap

    Building a Better MouseTrap

    I have a problem with mice this year and my regular mouse traps can’t keep up with the number of mice that are trying to take over the cabin so, I built a better mousetrap that embraces the old school technology.

  • The Princess Auto Log Splitter

    The Princess Auto Log Splitter

    I had the opportunity to use my log splitter again. In brief, I love it.

  • Replacing Water Pump and Radiator on Bobcat Side-by-Side

    Replacing Water Pump and Radiator on Bobcat Side-by-Side

    Here is a link to my YouTube video in which we replace the water pump and radiator on my Bobcat side-by-side.

  • Tree Falling Epic Fails

    Tree Falling Epic Fails

    This last week I was doing some tree falling – cutting down a small group of bug-killed trees and I once we started recording the action, I had an epic fail. As I may have mentioned before, I have been spending a lot more time on the homestead, AKA the cabin. I go there and…

  • Homestead on the Hill

    Homestead on the Hill

    I have recently mentioned that I have “repurposed” my YouTube channel. My channel is now home to a weekly video of my antics while I am on the homestead.

  • Winter Wear for Outdoor Comfort

    Winter Wear for Outdoor Comfort

    Choosing the right winter wear for playing or working outside in the winter makes all the difference in how comfortable you will be. I choose to wear wool when I’m working outdoors. In a previous blog post I discussed some of the essentials to pack in the car or truck before you head out on…

  • Winter Driving Prep

    Winter Driving Prep

    Now that winter driving conditions are here, it is important to be prepared before you head out on the highway. On my Homestead on the Hill YouTube channel I discussed this topic. You can see the video – posted below. There are a couple of things I forgot to mention in my winter driving prep…

  • The Rebranding of my YouTube Channel

    The Rebranding of my YouTube Channel

    I mentioned this a couple posts ago, but I have rebranded my YouTube channel to focus it on my efforts at rebuilding the family homestead.

  • Rebranding My YouTube Channel

    Rebranding My YouTube Channel

    I have refocused my YouTube channel. My channel will now be focused on my attempts to rebuild the family homestead.