Buying a Replacement Vehicle for my Toyota Echo

Well, seeing as my Toyota Echo now has more than 300,000 kilometers on it, I have decided it is time to start looking for a new replacement vehicle.

With the price of gas going through the roof, I thought the logical thong to do is to buy an electric car. But then I did some crowdsourcing for info on “the best EV” for me and people pointed out a number of issues with EVs.

The first issue people pointed out is that electric vehicles have limited range – at best 400 kilometers of range and if I needed to drive to Kelowna and back overnight and the charging station wasn’t working, then I would be unable to complete the drive.

The solution – get a hybrid. Gas and electric power.

The next point that was raised was that I may need to move a large object and most EVs do not have the ability to move large objects.

So I thought, why not get a pick-up truck. Maybe even an electric pick-up truck? Hello “supply chain issues”. The timeline on getting an electric powered pick-up truck is … long.

Next logical step was to consider alternatives. I thought, what if I need to move something really large, or if I have to move my entire household of belongings? What better than a 5 ton cube van?!

So I am currently looking for a cube van that has dual fuels – gasoline powered as well as diesel.

Oh, and just for the record, I have not driven to Kelowna for the last 20 years. Further, as I started out saying, I have been driving a 2 door hatchback Toyota Echo for the last many years (300,000km on it and counting). And during those 300,000km I have managed to find a way move large items as required.

Bottom line? I am going to stick it to the gas and oil companies and I ma going down to the dealership to pick up an new EV TODAY! Wait what?

“Supply chain issues”.

Good thing I love my Toyota Echo.