Cabin Cooking; Ribeye Steak and VEGGIES!!

Cabin Cooking – pictures are worth a 1000 words right? Well here are a few thousand words!! Let me just say, thus steak from Meatcraft Urban Butchery was awesome. And the veggies from the Desert Hills Ranch in Ashcroft…wonderfully fresh and full of flavour.

I started with a beauty of a ribeye steak from Meat Craft Urban Butchery and rubbed it with some of the Re-Up BBQ rub before dropping it into a searing hot cast iron pan.

cabin cookingAbout 30 seconds on each side and then I fired it in the oven, under the broiler for exactly 5 minutes.

cabin cooking

After five minutes I took the ribeye steak out of the oven, turned it over, and put it back under the broiler for another five minutes.

cabin cooking

After five minutes, I took the steak out from under the broiler and let it rest while I dished the veggies onto our plates. For veggies we had green cauliflower and purple cauliflower from the Desert Hills Ranch in Ashcroft BC.

We also had corn on the cob. Is there anything sweeter than corn picked, cooked and eaten on the same day?

cabin cooking

All in all, a wonderful meal. Cabin cooking. I love it.