Day Two am aboard the Holland America Amsterdam

Just as I did last year on my cruise adventure I woke up early this morning and headed to deck three to get some exercise. A sign informed me that 3.5 laps of deck three equaled one mile. As it turns out I got into a bit of a grove and did 10 laps before the coffee-craving kicked in.

At 7:30 I headed up to the Lido deck for a coffee and I spotted a very lonely looking chef at the omelette station so helped him out by having him prepare a two-egg omelette with smoked salmon, a little fresh tomato and cheddar cheese.

Brekkie One
Brekkie One

Knowing that I was meeting my travel companion in the main restaurant, La Fontaine at 8:30 I chose not to have any sides.

Downstairs to our room, out of my exercise clothing and a quick shower and then I was back up the stairs to La Fontaine for second breakfast.

I opted for my west coast favourite, eggs benedict on smoked salmon rather than the traditional ham.

Scottish Eggs
Scottish Eggs

One of the eggs was cooked perfectly with the yolk runny enough to please. The other egg was cooked a little too hard. Which was better than the lady sitting next to me who had one egg cooked into submission and the other oozing that icky, runny white stuff.

In keeping with my healthy eating (is there really such a thing on a cruise ship?) I am not eating bread. As such, I ate the eggs and salmon and left the English muffin they arrived upon.

Outside of the food, the weather during this year’s cruise has been much more grey than last year’s. This is not a bad thing as I like to spend extend periods of time looking out at the water and the horizon and the multiple shades of grey are quite beautiful to behold.

Grey Skies with Whale
Grey Skies with Whale

As well as being greyer, it is definitely significantly colder this year. I’m one of those odd sorts who wears shorts pretty much all year round and I didn’t see any reason to be different on this trip. I may in fact be using some of my duty free allowance to be bringing a pair of long pants back from to Canada from Alaska.

Now, I have to head back to the main restaurant (typically I rarely visit the buffet) for lunch one.

One thing I have decided to do differently this year – I am NOT trying to photograph whales.

While standing or walking deck three I have seen any number of Orcas swim alongside the ship. After looking at my pics from last year, I realized that I might just as well take random, blurry pics of the grey water and sky. By the time I see a whale and get my camera pointed in the correct direction, focus, and shoot, well, I will have a pic of the grey water. So this year, no attempts at whale pics.

Off to lunch now.