Dunn’s Famous Smoked Meats

Today I was on another of my forays into downtown Vancouver and I took the opportunity to hike up Seymour Street to visit a place I have long been interested in – Dunn’s Famous.

According to their website, Dunn’s has been serving smoked meat sandwiches since 1927. I have to say, they are damned good at making a smoked meat sandwich!

Dunn's Famous
Smoked Meat Sandwich

Any of my complaints are a direct result of my choices – definitely not the responsibility of Dunn’s.

I wanted to try their smoked meat sandwich AND their poutine. So, I chose a smoked sandwich with 4 ounces of their “medium”  cut of smoked meat.

I could have ordered a 6 or even an 8 ounce serving of smoked meat, in fact when I return I will order an 8 ounce serving.

The “medium” part of my order is part of their menu – you can choose

  • Lean which equals healthy
  • Medium for juicy
  • Fat for very juicy

To get maximum flavour without it being too fatty, I chose medium. I chose the cut wisely. It was juicy enough to please me but not too fatty or dripping. It was awesome. Just not enough of it – my fault.

Dunn's Famous

To try their poutine I had an “add-on” poutine for $4. It was good. (I still think that Spud Shack makes the BEST poutine). Dunn’s makes the gravy in house from roasted beef bones and they use their barbecue spice mix to give it a kick. Again, when I return I will have a full order of Dunn’s Famous poutine with chopped smoked meat to improve that experience.

Dunn's Famous
Dunn’s Famous

Bottom line, I will return to Dunn’s to try more of the menu. Dunn’s Famous is located at 827 Seymour Street in Vancouver.




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