Eggs Poached in Cream

On a recent trip to the cabin I tried poaching eggs in cream and the results were pretty darn delicious.

I started my breakfast prep by baking a pan of brown sugar bacon in the oven. Then I heated my non-stick skillet to a medium-low temperature before scooping a tablespoon or two of bacon fat out of the baking sheet and into the skillet.

Once the fat was warmed and shimmery in the skillet I poured in about a cup of heavy cream and let that warm up before adding the eggs one by one.

I like to crack the eggs into a bowl and have them ready to pour in rather than cracking directly into a pan. This is a habit I developed from living on a farm and using farm fresh eggs. t

When using farm eggs there is the slight possibility of an egg being “bad” and it would be a shame to ruin an entire dish because of one bad egg that got into the mix. Kind of a metaphor for life.

Once the eggs are in the cream I let them warm up. I use a rubber scraper (the tool I usually call a spatula) to gently scoop the cream away from the edges of the pan while the eggs poach.

Now other times I’ve done this method, I’ve let the eggs actually poach in a sort of sunny-side up style in the cream. I would splash the cream over the eggs and let them cook.

On this trip I had a kid with me who doesn’t like to see the yolk of an egg – so I compromised. I cooked them her way. I scrambled the eggs in the cream.

And you know, they turned out pretty much completely amazing. They were rich and, you can probably see this coming – they were very creamy. But not just “creamy”, they had a very silky mouth feeling to them. And one of the kids said they were “excellent, the best eggs you’ve ever done” while the other kid said “they’re weird and I’m not sure I like them” as she slid them off her plate onto mine. She did taste them though.

I will definitely make eggs in cream again. I’ll probably actually poach them next time so the soft and squishy egg yolk can run into and mix with the little bit of cream that lands on the plate.