Fire Pizza on Commercial Drive

A few weeks ago the kids and I were on our way into Vancouver and we needed a snack. And knowing that Fire Pizza offers the “Best Pizza on the Drive”, really was there anything other than stopping for pizza for a snack?

We stopped at Fire Pizza – a counter serve pizza nook located on Commercial Drive which, according to their website is the “Best Pizza on the Drive”.

Fire Pizza

To be fair, I have not tried all the pizza places on the Drive, but I will admit, Fire Pizza is some GOOD pizza! I like the relatively thin crust they use. It is not as thin and crispy as the wonderful pizza crust at Me N Ed’s Pizza, but it is top notch.


Probably what makes Fire Pizza so good are the inventive toppings they use. Barbecue sausage pizza? Stir-fry veggie pizza? Yes please!

Fire Pizza

The kids liked the Tropical Veggie pizza. Also on the platter in the picture above is also their mushroom pizza which is loaded with little roasted mushrooms – loaded with them!

My favourite slices were the roasted veggie – big slices of roasted eggplant and red peppers…delicious.

So although I have not yet tried all the pizza joints on or around Commercial Drive, this is definitely on my list of top-notch, best pizza on the Drive.

Fire Pizza is located at 1918 Commercial Drive in Vancouver.