Fun, Free, and Entertaining; Burnaby Village Museum

Are there any words more frightening than hearing a young child saying “I’m bored”?

During the summer months I am essentially a stay at home dad. As such I need activities to engage my children.

Seeing as our neighbours complained about the dirt track and the noise from the dirt bikes that we were running on the track in our backyard, I’ve had to go a little further a field to find activities to engage my children in.

With limitations like complaining neighbours and bylaw enforcement, there are only so many activities that I can do in our backyard that will fill the time and keep me sane and the kids safe. And to keep the neighbours from complaining. Again.

So what to do? Where to go for fun and free summer activities?

This week the kids and discovered such a place! And no, it wasn’t Costco! Although Costco is always a fun place to spend a sweltering hot afternoon – free snacks, air conditioning, lots of shade and a hotdog and drink for $1.50? What’s not to love?!

We discovered Burnaby Village Museum!

An old-timey place where kids can get an idea of what life was like before iPads and iPhones ruled the world.

There are all sorts of “hands on” activities for little ones – of course there are also many signs saying “don’t touch” that should be respected to protect the antiques on display.

Oddly enough, one of the activities that my kids particularly enjoyed was the black and white silent Charlie Chaplin movie! They were intrigued with figuring out what the characters were saying and actually doing a pretty good job of narrating the film until the old guy in the back of the theatre “shushed” them.

And of course there is the carousel. My kids LOVED choosing their own horse. Of course the carousel isn’t feee but for $2.65, it does provide a few minutes of entertainment for the kids while a parent can sit and watch. Or check their email.

All things considered, the Burnaby Village Museum is pretty solid option for keeping kids safely engaged. My kids enjoyed it. And I think they learned a few things about life in the “old days” that helps them understand that life was not always as easy as it is nowadays.

Best of all, it is free! And the Burnaby Village Museum does NOT force parents and children to exit through the gift shop – meaning you can avoid being forced to buy an over-priced stuffed toy!

Check it out. But be aware, Burnaby Village Museum closes at 4:39pm. It is located at 6501 Deer Lake Parkway in Burnaby.




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