The Irony of Anti-Spam Legislation

It is more than a little amusing to me that so many people get so bent out of shape about receiving what they believe are spam emails.

In fact, the government of Canada, acting on behalf of the segment of our population who have so much negative energy about receiving what they think is spam email, actually passed legislation making it incredibly difficult for organizations to communicate electronically with their customers!

Really though, what is the big deal? You receive a piece of spam – or 2, or 20 or 40 – what do you have to do? Select them and delete them. That. Is. It. Done. The spam is gone forever.

Anti-Spam Legislation
Anti-Spam Legislation

And yet twice a week I come home to a scene like this. Or on a rainy and windy day I come home to find the papers strewn all over my yard. Soaking wet. So I have to gather them up, carry them to our recycle bin.

I keep the mess of wet and messy newspapers in the bin for the the rest of the week. On the day when the recycle truck comes around, before the birds are awake, I have to crawl out of bed, in the rain, snow, or shine, I have to carry the recycle bin out to the curb.

The bin that is full of newsprint. Newsprint made from trees that have been cut down from our forests. Trees that would, if they were still alive, convert the stuff we breathe out into oxygen we could be breathing.

And have you ever tried to stop receiving the junk that comes in the mail? Good luck. It is almost impossible to stop the delivery of newspapers to your home.

But do we see any laws stopping the newsprint spam that is delivered to our homes? Nah. But they passed anti-spam legislation to deal with the electronic spam. Great.