Jayme Stone’s Lomax Project at the ECC

On November 19th at 8pm Jayme Stone will bring to the Evergreen Cultural Centre a “collaboratory” of some of North America’s most distinctive and creative roots musicians to revive, recycle, and reimagine traditional music

The performance will focus on songs collected by folklorist and field recording pioneer Alan Lomax.

The “collaboratory” includes Jayme Stone (banjo, voice), Moira Smiley (voice, accordion), Sumaia Jackson (fiddle, voice) and Tristan Clarridge (cello, voice)

The repertoire includes Bahamian sea shanties, African-American a cappella singing from the Georgia Sea Islands, ancient Appalachian ballads, fiddle tunes, and work songs collected from both well-known musicians and everyday folk: sea captains, cowhands, fisherman, prisoners, and homemakers.

For tickets to this event you can visit the Evergreen Cultural Centre’s website or call the box office at 604-927-6555.

I don’t know about you, but I will definitely be attending this event!