Local Omnivore Food Truck

I was at Yellow Dog Beer, a Port Moody craft brewery when I happened upon a new food truck; The Local Omnivore – a very cool food truck that makes sandwiches, burgers and fries.

The Local Omnivore
The Local Omnivore

These fun-loving dudes serve up great tasting food with a mind towards how the food is produced. Their certified organic beef comes from a ranch in the Pemberton Valley, north of Whistler BC and the Kennebec potatoes they use for their fries are locally grown.

The pork they serve is brought in from Paradise Valley Alberta because they found a pig farm out there that does right by the pigs. The guys from The Local Omnivore make their own bacon in their commissary at 337 E Hastings Street. They cut, slice and hang the pork bellies before completing the smoking process.

One can only imagine how wonderful it would be to feast at their commissary with the smell of bacon being cured on site. They do have the occasional pop-up restaurant at their commissary with the next one being a beer and burger special event on Friday April 24th. I believe, although I may be mistaken, that they will be serving Four Winds Craft Beer at their pop-up restaurant.


I had The Local Omnivore BLT sandwich ($7) and it was truly an excellent sandwich. Loaded with big, thick and droopy pieces of bacon, slices of very ripe tomato, a couple leaves of lettuce and a spicy mayo on the ciabatta bread all added up to be a perfect sandwich.

There is a distinct after-burn element of heat in the mayo-dressing they concoct that cuts through the delicious fattiness of the bacon.  The ciabatta bun does heroic work holding the bacon, tomato, lettuce and spicy mayo-dressing altogether.

As well as having the occasional pop-up restaurant at the home of their commissary, the plan for this fall is to have a full on restaurant up and running. The planned theme of their commissary-turned-restaurant is a Texas barbecue-style joint. You know I will be trying that food out when it is ready!!

For now I will be tracking down The Local Omnivore via Twitter to see where they are parked for my next BLT fix. Good eats.




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