My generally stinky attitude

Some have commented that I seem, well, let’s say, “gruff” with the people around me and the customer service people I encounter. And yes, this is in response to the emails I received re my Sears portrait experience and my offer to have Paul McCallum kick a field goal between the uprights of the next person who says, “Twins? Double trouble!”

Keep in mind when you say this, that like every parent who has gone before me, I am really freaking tired. I have actually literally fallen asleep at, among other places, my laptop station, in the glider chair where we feed the babies, in front of the tv, at work in meetings and so on. Head falls forward, body jerk and then I am awake again. It is a terrible feeling. And please see my emphasis on the fact that this not just me who has been tired from raising babies, I understand that others have been through this before but it is me being honest about myself and my feelings about my situation. I am no super-hero, I try my best and give it all I have but I can be grouchy in some situations.

The night before the Sears shoot we were up every hour for 15-20 minutes each time. And then at 6am the twins decided they were going to throw a pity party that day, and the rest of the day was, exhausting. They would not nap after the photo shoot and they would not nurse. All they would do was wimper and whine…and after several hours of wimpoering and whining I was exhausted. They were wimpering unless they were in their Mountain Buggy and rolling along.

Which is fine except that then we have to be walking. And Caragh and I were both craving a few moments to lie down and rest. Bless her heart though, when Caragh’s father arrived, they went for another walk. I then had time to wash all the used baby bottles, fold the laundry, prep for the next round and then, the glorious moment…I lay down in bed for an entire, silent, uninterrupted 20 minutes of deep sleep.

Then I was awoken when Caragh and the twins came home with a howl and a scream.

So if I am threatening to send a Paul McCallum field goal kick between your uprights, then please understand, I’m just tired and I probably still love you too.  Because after all, when I wake up and see my beautiful family, Caragh, Annalie and Story, my heart still sings.