New Marlondo Leather Wallets – Video

Here is a link to my video review of the Marlondo Leather wallets I recently received from Ma. He sent these wallets to me with the hope that I would do a video review during which I could give my viewers, and him some honest feedback.

As I say in the video, I will be arranging a giveaway of some of these wallets in the coming days.

When I filmed the video it was focused very clearly on the wallets and then when I did the editing process I found it had cut off the bottom of my screen so the wallets are not shown as well as I would like them to be.

Also, my editing is a bit choppy – I had to cut about ten minutes of me blabbing on and on out of the video to get it to a reasonable length.

I may do a follow review of the big wallets and a video of the bi-folds. It is just trying to find a few minutes of quiet time to do that!!

Thanks for your patience as I try to develop my video skills!!