New Westminster’s Steel & Oak Brewing

I was invited out to New Westminster’s Steel & Oak Brewing to sample their beers and cold plates yesterday and I am pleased to report that Steel & Oak have an excellent selection of beers.

Steel & Oak Brewing
Steel & Oak Brewing
The beer I liked best from Steel & Oak was their Kaffee, a beer flavoured with locally roasted coffee. The beer has a distinct coffee flavour with a floral and citrusy aroma. Hints of cocoa and malt provide body to the beer. But the coffee flavour … very cool.

The other beer I particularly enjoyed was their Rooibus Red Pilsner. It has a wonderfully sweet aroma that is a treat to the olfactory and taste senses.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get a growler of either of those beers so I went for my third choice; their Smoked Honey Doppelbock which is a strong German style lager. I thoroughly enjoyed the smokiness of their Doppelbock and brought a small growler of it home.

To go with our beer samples we added a cold plate to our table; a selection of olives, bite-sized blocks of cheddar cheese, and little salamis with bread twists. It was $18 for the platter which seemed like a lot but wow, it was a lot of food!

Overall, I very much enjoyed my visit to Steel & Oak and I will certainly be returning to sample more of their beers.






2 responses to “New Westminster’s Steel & Oak Brewing”

  1. thatsawrap Avatar

    Somehow the taste of coffee in my beer is not too appealing, but I am willing to try it after hearing your thoughts.

  2. Darryl Avatar

    Good company, good beer

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